Viper4android for android, iOS and PC

Download Viper4android :It has tons of FX for your audio files and lots of other features. It has everything a music listener or an audiophile would want. Personally, I love this app, and I bet you will love it too. Viper4android will enhance your music listening and other audio related stuff like listening to podcasts and watching movies.

So this article is all about audio experience and Viper4android which gives you lots of functions and features to improve your audio listening experience forever.

Viper4android for Android, iOS and PC:

We all listen to some kind of audio in our smartphone in various forms such music, podcasts, videos and movies. While we listen to these things, we don’t give much attention to the audio quality of the particular song. But that is not the case with everyone; there are many people who invest lots of money on enhancing their Audi experience. They buy expensive headphones and smartphones with advance audio jack like quad DAC.

Download Viper4android apk

Well, Viper4android is a free, and it can enhance your audio quality by miles without even a need to buy a pair of headphones. If you are planning to buy a great sounding headphones and earphones, you should first consider Viper4android because it is that good. I’m not saying that the audio experience with cheap headphones with Viper4android is more better than listening music from good audio sounding headphones.

Viper4android latest version

Viper4android has lots of functions to manipulate your sound in the device. With tons of FX and setup, you can get all types of sounds. With the type of music you are listening to, you can tweak the equaliser according to it. You can also make your own presets with the sound FX to apply it to other songs.

This is an amazing guide on how you can download Viper4android in your Android, iOS and PC. Read the whole article to know how to have a great experience with Viper4android and how you can install it on your device. We have a step-by-step guide to downloading and installing Viper4android on your Android, iOS and PC. Also, keep in mind that Viper4android will only work on a root device.

download Viper4android

Since there are tons audio controller app and I have tried plenty of them, but no one is as good as Viper4android. download Viper4android app and get a best taste  music ,you can apply tons of FX to enhance your audio quality on your smartphone.

It does not only work in audio via headphones, but it also works for external Bluetooth speakers. You can tweak the quality of your Bluetooth speakers with the help of Viper4android. Viper4android FX is dynamic, and this app was developed to support as many audio devices as possible. So far we have seen Bluetooth speakers working with Viper4android but in future, there will more devices compatible with Viper4android.

The amount of FX available in Viper4android is not available in any other audio app although there are tons of similar apps like Viper4android.

There was one app called Dolby Digital Sound, and a lot of you guys may know about this app if you have searched for the audio app before. So this app was also very good with advanced features, and it supports some devices. It has almost all the features of Viper4android.

While Viper4android is compatible with older Android versions of Android 2.3, Dolby Digital Sound was not compatible with below Android 4.3. So that was the limitation of Dolby Digital Sound. So the users who are a smartphone with less than Android version 4.3 couldn’t get access to this app. But Viper4android will even work in older Android versions without any error.So i would prefer to download  Viper4android as compare to Dolby Digital Sound.

Free download Viper4android  for Android

Since Viper4android supports any device, you can install this app on any smartphone you are using now. The app is not specific to any device.

This app is the best audio app available right now. This app should be your number one priority if you are looking for the best audio controller app. The app is free, but you need a root device to install it.

Viper4android requires some binary files which you do with the help of an app called busy box installation. Busy box installation comes handy for flashing zip files especially if your device is rooted. The guide for downloading busy box is also available in this article.

User interface

The user interface is not so complex, and you can easily navigate to any option you like. But since there are loads of FX and setups it takes a while to get used to knowing which option is at what place. However, there are four major options available which you can see on the home screen horizontally. These four major options then have lots mini options or fx which you can choose to modify the sound quality of your device or the external Bluetooth speaker.

The overall them would be greyish tones, and the texts are in white that means it is easy to read the text since the background is dark. So the overall user experience is great.

download Viper4android

Download Viper4android on any Android device

Viper4android has lots of sound profiles which makes the app much more interesting. With all these sound profiles you can play with it and select the best sounding profile for a particular song.

Viper4android FAX needs a custom recovery like TWRP to install on your Android device. You can also install the app without recovery, but it increases the chance of getting bugs on your smartphone. So I would recommend you to install Viper4android with custom recovery.

Installing with custom recovery will let you flash zip files without any bug problem.

Here’s a little history about Viper4android. The app is founded by viper520 and also co-founded by ZhuHung.

Features of Viper4android

  1. Viper4android provides lots of audio options with its equaliser. With equaliser, you can drag the high frequency, mid frequency and the low frequency and set it to your likings.
  2. A handful of sound profiles to choose from. Compress the sound to make the audio even clearer.
  3. Create your own sound presets with Viper4android.
  4. Needs Root access to install. Viper4android is an app which has binary files which means you need a root access to install this app.
  5. The app is available for free to download. Although there is a requirement of the root, the app is free.
  6. Viper4android can also be-be use an external Bluetooth speaker. The app has a dedicated section for Bluetooth speakers.

Requirements to install Viper4android on your device

There are few things that you need to double check before you proceed any further. Follow the guide below; we have provided all the necessary links so that you don’t have to go to other websites.

  • You need to have
  • Download busy box installation beforehand so that the downloading procedure of Viper4android stay smooth.
  • Viper4android FAX 2.3 and 4.3
  • Need custom recovery like TWRP to install Viper4android.

How to install busy box installation on your Android device

As I have told you before, you need to have busy box installation installed on your device so that you can run the zip file of Viper4android in it and eventually install it on your smartphone.

  1. Using your Android device, go to Google play store and type “busy box installation”.
  2. Simply tap on the search button and go to the app installation screen.
  3. Talk on the install button and the app will be installed in a few minutes.
  4. After downloading all the binary files, it will say installation complete.
  5. Busy box installation is now installed on your smartphone. Now you only need to follow our guide on how to install Viper4android.

How to install Viper4android on any Android device

Now you are so close to run Viper4android on your Android smartphone. Keep in mind that your Android device should be rooted, you can always root your Android device if you haven’t already. There are plenty of tools out there which provide root features. So root your device and come back again.

  1. Download Viper4android  flash file from here zip is for Nougat users only). If your Android device is running marshmallow, then you can go here:
  2. Install the app on Android device.
  3. Open the app, and it will ask you for update driver. All you have to do is tap on “Yes”.
  4. Now a pop-up message will come asking you for root permission. Tap on the “grant” button to grant to root access.
  5. Now the driver will start loading, and hopefully, a successful message will pop up.
  6. After that, you need to reboot your device right away. The rebooting time will take according to what device you have.

Now, Viper4android will be available on your home screen after you reboot your device. Control and enhance your audio quality with Viper4android and make the most out of your audio files.

If they all don’t show up, then the problem can be with the rooting itself. So you can install a root checker app to check the root information of your device.

There are people in XDA forums who are struggling with the installation of this app, but now you know how to install the app properly. Also in the future, there will new updates for newer versions of Android so be sure to check that out also.

Still Having trouble to install? Click here

 Download Viper4android for PC

Viper4android is an Android-based app, so it is not going to work on your Windows PC. However, the developers of viper have also developed Viper4windows which have the exact same features as the viper4android.

Viper4windows is a free software that you can download and install in your 32bit and 64bit system.

It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Steps to download Viper4windows for PC

  1. Using your PC open Google Chrome and type “viper4windows download”.
  2. Press enter and loads of results will show up.
  3. You can select on any website.
  4. Download the software setup on your PC.
  5. The software will take few minutes to install.
  6. After the software setup is installed, open the exe file and start installing the software.

Now you can change the audio settings on your PC. Put any audio profile you like in an audio file. There might be variations in the software and the app experience of Viper4android/windows since both are different versions.

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Download Viper4android for iOS

As you know that Viper4android is an Android-based app, the app is not available for iOS. However, you can download and install Viper4android alternatives for iOS.

You can download limiter, viper clarity with three clarity modes, dynamic bass and viper bass with three configurable bass modes. These apps are available for iOS (compatible with all iOS versions with jailbreak).

You can download any of these iOS apps for free from Cydia as long as you have jailbreak your iOS device. You will get all sorts of audio controlling options like equaliser, compressor and audio profiles.

So there you go, you have installed Viper4android on your Android device. People who are using mods like CyanogenMod can also follow the same guide to install Viper4android on their smartphone.

Also, the app works best when you keep the tweaking to a minimum, if you have a great pair of headphones then you should use the app only when you feel there is something missing in the sound quality especially when you are editing an audio file or recording audio. I would say that Viper4android works best for cheap headphones and earphones.

Wrapping it up:

If you have any issues regarding the installation of this app, feel free to tell us about it in the comments section. Also, we have detailed guides on how to install Viper4android FX on various devices (Android, iOS and PC), so you can refer them as well. So, have a good time exploring this amazing app.