Viper4Android for iOS

Viper4android for iOS

First of all, let us get an understanding of what Viper4android exactly is. Viper4Android for iOS can be downloaded on your smartphones and other devices as it is a system-wide high configurable equaliser. What makes it so special and amazing is that it really enhances the sound. It totally changes the user experience as it will give you an eargasm every time you will listen to the sound.

Viper4Android fx

Here is some basic information about the application that might come handy if you plan on downloading and using Viper4android for iOS.

  1. Available versions are as follows.
  • FX version (active)
  • XHiFi version (discontinued)
  1. Codename is
  • (XHiFi version) X-Factor
  • (FX version) Beautiful
  1. The application is available and accessible in not just only in all parts of the world.
  2. The app was released officially on  September 4, 2013
  3. The CPU platforms that it is compatible with ARM (ARM CortexA8 or higher), x86(Atom/i3/i5/i7)
  4. It can be used in the following versions of Android
  •   2.3
  •  4.0
  •  4.1
  •  4.2
  •  4.3
  •  4.4
  •  5.0
  •  6.0
  • 7.0

The Viper4android for iOS supports the following:

  1. Dynamic Bass
  2. Playback Gain
  3. ViperBass with three configurable bass modes (30 Hz – 100 Hz)
  4. Field Surround
  5. VHS – Headphone Surround Differential Surround ranging from 2ms to 20ms
  6. A convolver which can load Impulse Response Samples(IRS)
  7. Limiter
  8. Spectrum Extension
  9. Viper Clarity with three clarity modes (Natural, OZone+ and XHiFi)
  10. Tube Simulator
  11. Reverberation

ViPER4Android FX.

FX here is nothing buy the main control panel of ViPER’s Audio. It also includes the audio settings.

Following are Viper FX’s main features which makes it so cool and such a brilliant software.

  1. Convolver

The convolver function acts when IRS that is an impulse response sample is loaded, so when this done the V4X will copy the characteristics and will make the sound have same characteristics as that of the impulse response sample. Through this feature, the impulse response sample can be loaded with various kinds of effects which are reverberation, the equaliser, tube, surround, etc.

The impulse response samples can be downloaded and then extracted by  <storage>/ViPER4Android/Kernel/<paste files here>

  1. Spectrum Extension

The spectrum extension with enhanced high frequencies will make sure that your music will sound lossless.

  1. Channel Pan

Then left and right channel output can be controlled with the help of the Channel pan. It is, however, useful only if the headphones that you are using is faulty or not balanced. Otherwise, if your headphones are in a good condition, this feature can be quite useless.

  1. Auditory System Protection (Cure Tech+)

Usually while listening to music for a very long time continuously, one can feel extremely tired and even dizzy or fatigue. This is because it really irritates your system. When you are exposed to such high volumes with such heavy bass, then this might lead to your auditory system getting permanently damaged. Even though this problem can be solved by properly resting, prevention is indeed better than cure. What makes the Auditory System Protection feature so unique and amazing is that Viper takes care of this problem by creating a Healing technology with respect to sound and helps enhance the user experience.

  1. AnalogX

This feature simulates a much more richer and warmer sound. The sound signature of pure class A amplifier. *v2.4.x and above+*

  1. FET Compressor

This feature is a limiter for simulation operations of the circuits.

  1. FX Compatible Mode

This feature is only compatible with the 4.0 version.

The FX compatible mode, as the name suggests is the feature that supports all different types of music players on your device. This enables you not just to use V4A, but you can use absolutely any other player regardless. You just have to make sure to run the V4A app along with whatever else you use. It can be done by,




  1. ViPER Clarity

The viper clarity mode helps you to balance all kinds of heavy bass and makes the sound clarity amazing beyond your imagination.

Viper4android fx for iOSThere are many more features that make the fx version so much more amazing. Hence you can try out both the regular as well as the fx version of the viper4android application.

Viper4Android for iOS

Viper4android for iOS (iPhone/iPad) :

While viper4android is very simple to download on an Android device, the app is too good for the ios users to avoid.

Let us see how this can be downloaded on an ios device, Viper4Android for iOS.

  1. You can install viper4android on ios, but the process here will be slightly different from that of an android of course. Here you can directly download an apk from its website and install it in a jiffy.
  2. As it is not really made for an Android device, you will need to log out from your account on your iTunes as well as from your account on the Apple store. This step is absolutely compulsory as if this is not carried out; no way can you install the app.
  3. Once you log out from both of your accounts, you can go follow –

Settings > General > Date & Time > Turn off ‘Set Automatically‘

  1. Change the date of the device as this will help bluff the iOS system.
  2. Once the settings are done, you can now launch the web browser you use on your ios device.
  3. Go to
  4. From here you can download the bluestacks emulator. Now, what is great about having an emulator installed on your device is that through this you can download the apps which are not even available for ios.
  5. Download the emulator, and you will now be able to download apps on your ios.

Viper4android for iOS: As recently this app has been made available in the Google play store it makes our life much more easier.. The emulator will work just like a Google play store on your ios device… Through this, not just the viper4android app but much more can be downloaded and installed.

There is no longer any limitations in this modern world of latest technologies. Enjoy your amazing music experience.

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