Viper4android for PC

Viper4android for PC: Developed by ViPER520, Viper4Android is an app for Android devices for free. You can also use it on your PCs and laptop. In this article, we will tell you about how to download it and the way you can use it in your PCs.

Well, so what is this app?  What does it do? And how do you get it? So many questions might be crossing your mind right now! Well, let’s start with the intro. This is an Android app that provides you with advanced audios and amazing equaliser settings. With this app, you can get the opportunity to make hundreds of adjustment and improve the sound quality of your Android device.

It is the best app for enjoying music.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the Smartphone’s speaker or the Bluetooth device or your headset device with this app with you can make all the changes by yourself and no need for you to worry.

Viper4android for PC

You can also take over prefabricated optimal pitches and bass for your headphones with this. The only downside is that you need your device to be rooted for this app to work. But if you are looking to install it on your PC then you need an emulator, and that’s all.

Viper4android for PC, Laptop, Windows:

Viper4Android for PC: Now we will proceed in this article and will talk about two more important things regarding this app. One is the list of the features of this app. As this is an amazing app, so it has got many features which make it wonderful and awesome. Secondly, we will talk about how to download it; there are steps you can follow discussed later in this article so that you can easily get this app and enjoy using it on your PC. So let’s first start off with the list of various features which makes this app an awesome thing to use!


Features :

This is an amazing app for optimising and controlling the sound quality and effects so you can enjoy your music and related stuff. This app has got some of the best features and amazing stuff that make this app interesting. Here are some of the best features of Viper4Android for PC app:

  1. It comes with Analog X.
  2. It also has got Spectrum Extensions.
  3. It is x86 supportable.
  4. You can optimise your speakers.
  5. You can create effects like Hass Effect and also differential sound.
  6. It also has inbuilt fidelity control.
  7. Can work for Android 2.3.3 and up which is another advantage of it.
  8. It also has a feature of Headphone Surround+ (VHS+).
  9. Needs your Android device to be rooted for this app to work.
  10. There is also an Auditory System Protection (Cure Tech+).
  11. Well, the list is long, and it won’t be possible to list them all.

So undoubtedly this is an amazing and one of the best Equalizer for your Android Device. So download it and enjoy using it!


ViPER4Android is an android app available on PC (Viper4Android for PC:). This amazing app lets you control and optimise your device’s sound quality. Now as we have discussed about the app we will tell you about the steps you need to follow to download it. They are easy and quick to follow. So the steps are as follows:

  • For using this app on your PC, first, you have to download an emulator. An emulator will let you use Android apps on your PCs as well. You can easily get an emulator on the internet.
  • You can search through Google and look for an emulator and then download it and install it on your PC. You can choose from many of them as your choice and that too for free.
  • We would recommend you to get a
  • Add your Google account to the Emulator once it is installed and configure it. This will be safe and just a couple of minutes long.
  • Once it is done now, you have to look for the app. Open the play store and type the name Viper4Android and press enter.
  • If you don’t find it in the play store, then you can look for it on the internet also just by going and browsing the Internet and the download it from a third party.
  • For play store guys no. Of results will appear. Select the first one in the list and then start the download.
  • The download might take some time depending on your Internet speed, once it is done then go to the Menu and look for the app.
  • Click on it to open and then enjoy.

This was all about the app and its basic function. We also make you aware of its wonderful features, and we also discussed all the steps you need to follow to download it and install it on your device.

Over to you:

Viper4Android for PC: Well, this brings up to the end of the article. So let us take a quick summary of what we have discussed in this article up to now.

ViPER4Android is an amazing app and for sure will make your music experience wonderful and amazing. You can easily get this Android app on your PC and use it to optimise the audio according to your wish and choice.

This wonderful app is available on the Android Play store and you can get it for free. You can use it in your PCs and laptop also by using an emulator that helps you use an Android app on PC. With this article, we told you about the app and its various feature and also how you can download it and install it on your PCs and laptops. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you and that now you can enjoy using this app. So download and enjoy the fun with this amazing app!

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Viper4Android for iOS

Viper4android for iOS

First of all, let us get an understanding of what Viper4android exactly is. Viper4Android for iOS can be downloaded on your smartphones and other devices as it is a system-wide high configurable equaliser. What makes it so special and amazing is that it really enhances the sound. It totally changes the user experience as it will give you an eargasm every time you will listen to the sound.

Viper4Android fx

Here is some basic information about the application that might come handy if you plan on downloading and using Viper4android for iOS.

  1. Available versions are as follows.
  • FX version (active)
  • XHiFi version (discontinued)
  1. Codename is
  • (XHiFi version) X-Factor
  • (FX version) Beautiful
  1. The application is available and accessible in not just only

    English but also Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and many more languages so as to be useful to people living

    in all parts of the world.
  2. The app was released officially on  September 4, 2013
  3. The CPU platforms that it is compatible with ARM (ARM CortexA8 or higher), x86(Atom/i3/i5/i7)
  4. It can be used in the following versions of Android
  •   2.3
  •  4.0
  •  4.1
  •  4.2
  •  4.3
  •  4.4
  •  5.0
  •  6.0
  • 7.0

The Viper4android for iOS supports the following:

  1. Dynamic Bass
  2. Playback Gain
  3. ViperBass with three configurable bass modes (30 Hz – 100 Hz)
  4. Field Surround
  5. VHS – Headphone Surround Differential Surround ranging from 2ms to 20ms
  6. A convolver which can load Impulse Response Samples(IRS)
  7. Limiter
  8. Spectrum Extension
  9. Viper Clarity with three clarity modes (Natural, OZone+ and XHiFi)
  10. Tube Simulator
  11. Reverberation

ViPER4Android FX.

FX here is nothing buy the main control panel of ViPER’s Audio. It also includes the audio settings.

Following are Viper FX’s main features which makes it so cool and such a brilliant software.

  1. Convolver

The convolver function acts when IRS that is an impulse response sample is loaded, so when this done the V4X will copy the characteristics and will make the sound have same characteristics as that of the impulse response sample. Through this feature, the impulse response sample can be loaded with various kinds of effects which are reverberation, the equaliser, tube, surround, etc.

The impulse response samples can be downloaded and then extracted by  <storage>/ViPER4Android/Kernel/<paste files here>

  1. Spectrum Extension

The spectrum extension with enhanced high frequencies will make sure that your music will sound lossless.

  1. Channel Pan

Then left and right channel output can be controlled with the help of the Channel pan. It is, however, useful only if the headphones that you are using is faulty or not balanced. Otherwise, if your headphones are in a good condition, this feature can be quite useless.

  1. Auditory System Protection (Cure Tech+)

Usually while listening to music for a very long time continuously, one can feel extremely tired and even dizzy or fatigue. This is because it really irritates your system. When you are exposed to such high volumes with such heavy bass, then this might lead to your auditory system getting permanently damaged. Even though this problem can be solved by properly resting, prevention is indeed better than cure. What makes the Auditory System Protection feature so unique and amazing is that Viper takes care of this problem by creating a Healing technology with respect to sound and helps enhance the user experience.

  1. AnalogX

This feature simulates a much more richer and warmer sound. The sound signature of pure class A amplifier. *v2.4.x and above+*

  1. FET Compressor

This feature is a limiter for simulation operations of the circuits.

  1. FX Compatible Mode

This feature is only compatible with the 4.0 version.

The FX compatible mode, as the name suggests is the feature that supports all different types of music players on your device. This enables you not just to use V4A, but you can use absolutely any other player regardless. You just have to make sure to run the V4A app along with whatever else you use. It can be done by,




  1. ViPER Clarity

The viper clarity mode helps you to balance all kinds of heavy bass and makes the sound clarity amazing beyond your imagination.

Viper4android fx for iOSThere are many more features that make the fx version so much more amazing. Hence you can try out both the regular as well as the fx version of the viper4android application.

Viper4Android for iOS

Viper4android for iOS (iPhone/iPad) :

While viper4android is very simple to download on an Android device, the app is too good for the ios users to avoid.

Let us see how this can be downloaded on an ios device, Viper4Android for iOS.

  1. You can install viper4android on ios, but the process here will be slightly different from that of an android of course. Here you can directly download an apk from its website and install it in a jiffy.
  2. As it is not really made for an Android device, you will need to log out from your account on your iTunes as well as from your account on the Apple store. This step is absolutely compulsory as if this is not carried out; no way can you install the app.
  3. Once you log out from both of your accounts, you can go follow –

Settings > General > Date & Time > Turn off ‘Set Automatically‘

  1. Change the date of the device as this will help bluff the iOS system.
  2. Once the settings are done, you can now launch the web browser you use on your ios device.
  3. Go to
  4. From here you can download the bluestacks emulator. Now, what is great about having an emulator installed on your device is that through this you can download the apps which are not even available for ios.
  5. Download the emulator, and you will now be able to download apps on your ios.

Viper4android for iOS: As recently this app has been made available in the Google play store it makes our life much more easier.. The emulator will work just like a Google play store on your ios device… Through this, not just the viper4android app but much more can be downloaded and installed.

There is no longer any limitations in this modern world of latest technologies. Enjoy your amazing music experience.

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Viper4Android for android

Viper4android for Android

What is viper4android? Viper4Android is a sound equaliser for the rooted android device, which means it allows its users to change the function, in case of sound, of the android device. This app is supported on any android device, so one does not need to worry whether this will be compatible with their Android version or not. It just needs a rooted android device. Viper4Android for android app basically helps control the level of audio of the phone. Users can increase the volume of the music on the phone beyond what the phone would normally allow them to. This app contains a lot of options for profile settings, which one can test and then set according to one’s tastes, or else, one may simply choose the default profile available on the app. The best part is that this app even works when the device is paired with another device via Bluetooth.

But that is not all. This app does have a main requirement, without which the app would not be supported on any android device. The only main requirement of this app is that the Android device should be rooted. To do this, one may simply do it via your computer or else through specific apps available on the internet which allows one to root the android devices. One such app is a busy box, and we will see how to install that as well before we understand how to download Viper4Android.

Viper4android for Android

Viper4android for Android smartphones

Before we get to downloading the Viper4Android app, for users who do not have a rooted android device at this point of time, yet wants to enjoy the magic of this sound equaliser, let us see how to make your normal android device into a rooted one. To convert a normal android device into a rooted android device, one is simply required to download a file and give it the permission to install some other files on your device. Once this is done, your phone will be modified as a rooted android device.

Let us first see how to install busy box on any android device

  • Download busy box from play store
  • Install the same on the phone
  • Remain connected to the internet this whole time
  • Open the app download and click on the install button on the left side
  • Once that is done, the app will ask for root permissions. You will need to simply grant it to make your android phone a rooted one.
  • After everything has been downloaded, an intimidation will be giving informing the completion of the installation process.
  • Finally, the installation process is over, and now your device is a rooted one which will support the download of Viper4Android for android.

Now since the busy box is taken care of, let’s move ahead and see how to download and install Viper4Android on your smartphone. How to install viper4android?

  • Download

    the latest Viper4Android FX file from the web.

  • Open the zip folder to find two folders. Use the APK file with 2.3, if the android phone is a consideration is a Gingerbread, else use the other file which will have 4.x in it.
  • Install the file.
  • In case the app is not getting installed, go to settings and allow the phone to download from “Unknown Sources”. Sometimes phones do not allow apps from everywhere to get downloaded on the phone, in those cases, one must check the part and allow the download.

Settings > Privacy > Unknown sources checked. It will ask your permission, choose ok. This is now done. You should now be able to download the app.

  • Once you have installed the file, open the app. It will now ask for update driver options. Select “yes” to install.
  • In the next stage, the app will ask for root permission through a pop-up. Click on the grant button to give the app permissions for the same. Once this is done, the driver will have started loading. After the driver is installed, a message will be displayed addressing the success of the same.
  • So, this ends the installation process. To be able to use the app, one first needs to reboot the device.

Even after you have installed the Viper4android for Android on your phone, there is a lot that can still be done to make use of the app in the best way possible. And the best way to start is to first give the app the control to the audio system of your phone. So, right after you have rebooted your device, go to settings > Sound. Here, change the “Music effects” to “Viper4Andoroid FX”. This will allow the phone to use this app for all audio apps fully and will allow you to make the best use of this app and the functions offered by the same.

Viper4android for Android

Once you have set the default of music to Viper4Android FX, there still remains a lot more which can be done to improve the sound quality.

To start with, one can first open the Viper4Android settings in the settings menu and make changes as required. Initially, when one opens the settings, four options will come up front, which are: Headset, Phone Speaker, Bluetooth and USB/Dock. From here the user must choose each option one by one and make changes in the set of options which come then to set the requirements as per the audio mode. For example, when the audio is being played on a headset, the settings chosen under the headset options will have an effect and while the phone is on speaker, another set of settings will have an effect, as chosen in the phone speaker options.

In plain words, according to the settings made under each mode, the app will equalise the sound effects, which also means that depending on the kind of use, the settings may vary, and one would not need to make changes again and again.

One can also make changes in the equaliser or can simply choose the settings to default, in case the person is not so accustomed to the use of these. The default settings are pretty good too.

Over to you:

Hope this helps you in the process to download the Viper4android for Android and makes listening to music all the more a better experience than it already is.